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Our strength, your advantage - Excellent VAT knowledge and experienced over 20 years


Optimize your business expenses by claiming back your VAT, or through a registration

  • You are an exhibition participant in Switzerland
  • You often travel in Switzerland on business purposes
  • Your companys' legal seat is abroad
  • You don't provide services in Switzerland
  • You provide services in Switzerland and are considering a VAT registration
  • Your aim is to optimize your business costs aborad

Then it is time to think aboout your VAT matters in Switzerland, either by reclaiming the paid VAT through us, considering a VAT registration or by contacting your suppliers to discuss optimized solutions.

We are specialists in the specific analysis of your needs, your effort is low


Our extensive support includes:

  • Checking all of your invoices
  • Is the invoice incorrectly issued? Consulting suppliers to obtain VAT compliant invoices
  • Has the VAT been wrongly charged? Consulting suppliers to obtain credit notes
  • Preparing VAT application and submission to TaX Authorities in time
  • Tax representation of your company torwards Swiss TAX Auhtorities
  • Provideing services in Switzerland? We guide you competently through the registration process, submit your quarterly statements and advise you in administrative matters
  • Extensive advice on Swiss VAT with suggestions for optimizing processes


Formal requirements for an application for VAT refund

  • The application must be submitted between 1st January and 30th June after the end of the calendar year. You can also send us your documents earlier so that the application can be submitted in January. Processing time is faster at the beginning of the year (countercyclical submission)
  • Application form for VAT return with Power of Attorney (Wolfcons). The form must be signed and stamped and has to be resubmitted for each request (every year)
  • Company certificate, proof of registration as a VAT-liable company. Available from the relevant Tax office of your company's legal seat (valid one year)
  • Original invoices (no copies), receipts are not refundable
  • Existing Rule of Reciprocity between Switzerland and your country
  • The minimum amount per calendar year is CHF 500 (refundable VAT), one application per year